Your decorating skills are likely to be on the rise as the holiday season is in full swing. Some interior decorating may already be done. What about the bathroom and kitchen? These two areas are often overlooked when decorating for holidays. Instead, most people focus on the living and dining rooms. You can decorate any area of your home if you want to keep the festive feeling throughout the house.

Decorate for Christmas in Your Kitchen

Decorating can be fun, but it is also important for parties or holiday gatherings. These ideas will make it easy to decorate your bathroom and kitchen for the holidays.

  • Add holiday-themed ribbon to your kitchen cabinets. The cabinet doors will look like a wrapped present without the need to cover them with wrapping paper. Attach a matching ribbon at the center of each door to complete the look.
  • Wrap a garland around a chandelier in your kitchen and add some decorative decorations and sparkling lights. Hang Christmas tree bulbs or pine cones with the ribbon attached to the chandelier if it hangs above your kitchen table. Hang the pine cones or bulbs at different heights for a dramatic effect.
  • Create a window decoration by hanging vintage cookie cutters across your windows. Next, add seasonal flowers to the windowsill, such as amaryllis, paperwhites, or poinsettias. Fake potted plants can be purchased if you don’t want to use live plants. They look exactly like real plants without the need for watering or caring.
  • Take out your old kitchen chair sets and cover them with holiday fabric. A matching ribbon should be tied around each chair’s back. To complete the look, attach a small pine cone and pine cone bouquet at the back.
  • Fill vases with pine cones, pine cones, and candy canes to make a centerpiece. A glass vase can be filled with cranberries, and a small candle placed in the middle. Your centerpiece should be placed in the middle of your table.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Holidays

  • Use holiday-themed hand towels instead of your regular ones. You can also tie a ribbon to a bow at the center of each hand towel.
  • You can swap out your toilet seat covers for one with a holiday design such as Santa Claus and snowmen. If you’re looking for holiday shower curtains, you can find them.
  • Frame your bathroom mirror with a pine garland and red berries. You can place a few holiday-themed knickknacks on your bathroom shelves and vanity. A few holiday candles can be placed on the bathroom sink in varying heights. You should light candles in the bathroom before guests arrive.
  • Tie large, ornamental Christmas bulbs to ribbons, and hang them in clusters in your bathroom near the toilet or sink. To create a dramatic effect, hang them from the ceiling at different heights.