How to Bring Color Into Your Bathroom Design

How to Bring Color Into Your Bathroom Design
Learning how to bring color into your restroom is an essential part of the moment’s restroom redoing experience. Gone are the days of boring restroom designs that simply revolve around making the space functional. moment’s homeowners are also interested in making this important room aesthetically pleasing and occasionally indeed a work of art!

Let’s take a look at some simple ways to add color to your restroom either in a bold way or in a more subtle manner the choice is yours!

6 Easy Ways to Bring Color Into Your Bathroom Design

1. Painted Accentuations
maybe one of the easiest ways to bring color into your restroom is through painted accentuations. These can include entire walls or indeed lower wall sections similar as you see in this North Tustin gym- the suchlike the restroom. A beautiful blue adds a cool, relaxing vibe while contemporaneously pressing the conterminous white semi-custom closets and erected-in makeup vanity.

2. various Pipe Designs
There’s so important that can be done with a pipe in moment’s restroom designs. Whether you want an entire wall covered in brightly colored penstocks or you conclude for the commodity more subtle, using a pipe to add color and texture is a popular trend.

In this Foothill Ranch restroom remodel, the shower niche is beautifully featured by a marble and limestone mosaic design. The same pattern is continued in the backsplash above the vanity, pressing the neutral colors of the room but also adding depth and texture to the space.

3. Show Stopping Vanities

Single or binary vanities are frequently chosen for their functionality. While function is critical in this constantly traded room, aesthetics matter, too. Add color to your restroom and elevate the entire design by choosing a various vanity. The Maritime Blue Kemper closets in this Foothill Ranch restroom, for illustration, are a solid color but give a stunning discrepancy to the room’s else neutral color palette.

4. various Countertops
The type of countertop you choose for your restroom is important for usability and continuity. But it’s also an integral part of the room’s color scheme. It’s easy to add color to your restroom with a solid multicolored countertop or indeed amulti-colored bone
This master restroom in Ladera Ranch features a dark multicolored countertop with matching backsplash. Although it appears to be made out of soapstone, the countertop is actually made from quartz. Its dark color adds a luxurious sense to the space while also making the lighter multicolored walls and closets pop.
In discrepancy, this Laguna Niguel restroom remodel uses amulti-colored quartz gravestone countertop to add captivation to the room while fluently completing the rest of the room’s color scheme.

5. Mixing Accoutrements

Simply using a variety of accouterments can bring color to your restroom as well as produce an interesting design. Take a look at this Mission Viejo master restroom remodels. Its miscellaneous accouterments include floating wood shelves, an accentuation wall of 3D piled gravestone, and demitasse and glass shower penstocks. The end result is a rustic ultramodern design that’s both various and comforting.